Sunday, 23 December 2012

How Things Change

Soundtrack: ALT-J - Something Good

Finally we have been reunited with Clare and Laura,  back to a group of 5. The last month has been  interesting. I have come out the other end a slightly changed person. Eventful and challenging indeed, but am I glad I did it? Of course, everything is a learning curve. Me, Hannah and Ray make good functional trio, no arguments, just giggles. Highlights include; abusing the confessions box at the end of the world party, the dogs, the steak, the koala park, the rowing boat, pear cider, Kelly and Damien, the peacock's dance and collecting bugs from the wall and naming them (Pet & Gwen).

So here we are back to being travellers again, back to living out of our backpack, and it feels like home. I craved the travellers life style after a month without it, and missed the simplest of things; boxed wine and playing cards, our plastic cutlery, our McDonald's sachets salt and peppers, cooking in a communal kitchen and sleeping in a dorm with young strangers who become friends. 

Christmas Eve
Life is perfect here at Amy's house in Newcastle. Sunshine, Christmas decorations,  films, beach, board games and $300 dollars worth of food and alcohol. There are NINE different types of cheeses in the fridge waiting to destroy our bikini bodies, and I cannot wait! Clare 
baked chocolate brownie and Hannah and Laura have baked politically incorrect 
gingerbread, the best kind. We have a naked Santa, an elf with extremely large tits, and a hitler gingerbread. Ah back to normality! 
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Christmas Eve BBQ

Life's good on the beach... even at Christmas! 

Time for a beer :)

It's the little things

It's those little things in life that make everything worth while!