Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Markets, Shop Windows and Buskers

Rudimental- Feel the love feat. John Newman

Discovery Melbourne. When we told people this is the hostel we're moving to they looked concerned, shared their negative stories and wished us luck. But I think they're mental; I love it. 

 To me, a factory of backpackers spells FUN! It's like Halls of Residence for travellers with its own bar and competitions, and me Clare and Becky have made so many friends! Scouser Jonny, Blind Date Dave, Chris, Liam, Dec, Jay and Isla to name a few. I will have fond memories of this hostel, and this 16 bed dorm, I know it. 

Yesterday me and Clare ventured out into the city with no actual aim, other than to explore aimlessly. What a day! We may not have a penny to spend but we have all the time in the world, and so, we strolled into every alluring shop, prodded things, imagined what we would use them for, looked at every food menu, 'fell' into a toy shop, watched a busker for 45 minutes, watched an outdoor salsa class, took photos with statues, 'fell' into a pic'n'mix sweet shop, took photos swinging from trees, and admired every pleasing view. I think it was my most perfect day. 

On Thursday we went to the hostel bar for free wine and cheese night, as soon as I saw they were hosting a competition to win free accommodation I marched over and signed my name up. (Even if it was Blind Date!) so me Clare and Bex went into the side room with our host and enjoyed (downed) a complimentary bottle of champagne and several free shots whilst planning our answers. If you were a film what would you be? ' Titanic, because if you let me down tonight I'll have that sinking feeling!' God it was embarrassing, but it seems i'll do anything for a freebie at the moment! We ended up with friends in a casino until 6 in the morning, and woke up around 6pm the next day. We partied until 6a.m the day after, then on the 4 th We enjoyed some goon on the top floor of Becky's hotel, sky top views of Melbourne whilst in a hot tub, then a free comedy night! Hello world!

Salsa in the streets
Tonight we went to mingle amongst the crowds of Brunswick Street, and the Night  Market,  and tomorrow we have a free Salsa class. I have a feeling there will be more women than men and I'll be left dancing with a possum or something. It was another lovely day, apart from when a homeless man told me I smell like shit. 

Living on this tiny amount of money is both challenging and rewarding (i can afford shower gel!) We spend $15 for 1 weeks food between us, we use Macdonald 'monopoly' vouchers for free burgers, free breakfast, and we never buy a single drink when we are out. ( I need to stop eating McDonald's before I actually die). We spend our days saying ''ah if only, ah it smells so good, oh I want that skirt, can we afford to share half a beer tonight, can I last until dinner time without eating?'  I officially now hate every item of clothes i packed in october, and only want to eat what i can't have. But I'd say its all character building, and I know when I do have money again, I will appreciate every last sausage! 

Happy birthday BeckyBecky Smart!

'You know I said it's true, I can feel that love, can you feel it too? 
I can feel it Ahhh aaah! '

La la la

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