Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Happy Australia Day!

Written 29th Jan

Same love- Macklemoore and Ryan Lewis 

There's something about listening to this song that makes me all appreciative about life, it makes me all reflective and, well just completely happy. 

I'm excited about life. Excited that some of the best days of my life haven't happened yet, although one of them was lived yesterday. Clare, Becky, wine, botanical garden, picnic blanket, music; what an appealing little concoction and a recipe for a memorable Australia Day. The genius who brought a sound system along to the park in a shopping trolley needs to be knighted. Triple j's radio station played the top 100 tracks of the year as voted by the Australian public, what a relief that all the trashy chart songs were filtered out, leaving us with tasty selection. Happy ears=happy me.

Getting lost added to the experience, how else could we have stumbled across an open door with music and cheering spilling out of it. We popped our heads round and next thing we know Elvis Presley takes us by the hand and we are dancing with locals at an Elvis impersonator gig. Getting lost and being nosey really benefit as a traveller, it allows 
for spontaneity and a string of extra friends. Australia Day we partied, drank and socialised for over 12 hours, and didn't spend a single penny. A new habit, and I like it. 

Our week in St Arnauds, Melboirne has been most lovely, full of home comforts, a dog sized cat and 2 cat sized dogs- Sooty, Scruffy, and Princess. We had a chocolate powder fight, multiple backgammon games, read Green Mile in the park, sunbathed in Botanical Gardens, chased off a giant swan, ate Brumby bargains, had lots of film nights(the Hills have Eyes!), and sat on the balcony of our 6 bed dorm. 

Melbourne is my favourite city in Australia!

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