Friday, 18 January 2013

Cheer Up, Slow Down, Chill Out

Friday 18th January 

Sountrack: Sun - Two Door Cinema Club

The road sign upon entering Byron Bay was the first of a hundred things I love about this place.  The 2nd thing I liked was the sign on the doorway of our hostel 'This Is Not A Public Walkway To The Beach'. 
3rd- The first glimpse of a pool, picnic benches, hammocks and volley ball pitch
4th- The wonderful lady on reception when my Visa card didn't work; 'No Drama's Darl! :)
5th- The fact our 9 person dorm had enough floor space to rehearse a dance routine
6th- Everyone that passed us smiled and said Hello
7th- The retired and overgrown railway track on route down to the beach. 
...Don't worry I'm not going to list 100, although I could. 

Day one 
We claimed our beds within the room, and instantly made friends. Coincidentally it housed a girl from Wiltshire who also shared our room in our 14 bed dorm in Surfers Paradise. We spent the day at the beach and turned into children, we made 4 sand castles and a moat! We finished off the day by the pool before playing drinking games with our 5 litre box of wine, and partied the night away at Cheeky Monkeys. 

Day 2 
What better way to get rid of a hangover than spending the day on the beach Body Boarding. Ah the thrill when you catch a wave! The first time I tried it I winded myself, it bloody hurt. Later we turned into prunes in the pool, Clare carried me around like a baby. 

Today there were many instances where I looked around and thought, wow, life couldn't actually be any better. 

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