Friday, 18 January 2013

Laura becomes an Auntie

16th January

Soundtrack: Go Shoppin' (feat. Eek- A- Mouse)- Bran Van 3000
...a fabulous driving song, as introduced by my Dad!

The day Laura finally got the phone call! Welcome to the world Anneke Jane Miller!
Congratulations Clare and Greg!

We rented a car, and made our long trip up to Coffs Harbour and Surfers Paradise, whilst Hannah remains in Sydney with her new bar job. I like it here at Surfers Paradise, a lovely Majorcan style beach front, but framed by skyscrapers and a crazy night life! Today we spent the day by the pool, it's nice to have some sun again. The last week or 2 I haven't had a spot of sunshine due to laziness, being ill/ extremely dehydrated, and the pure hideous heat wave! 43 degrees makes breathing hard, never mind sunbathing.

In the evening we went down to the waters edge for a beverage or 3, and turned my Pub Quiz App into a drinking game. Then a few metres from us on the lake front some men turned up for band practise with a trumpet, guitars and bongos... I love moments like that. Coincidentally they were they live entertainment at the club we went to that evening!


On the drive up the coast we belted out music, had a sing along, and stopped off for a picnic. Tomorrow we drive to Byron Bay, a place I have only heard people rave about. Lets hope it doesn't disappoint!

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