Saturday, 5 January 2013

Pie Face, Pie Face, Pie Face

Soundtrack: Florence and the Machine- Spectrum ( Calvin Harris Remix)
Sountrack: Joshua Radin- Paperweight

Boxing Day we checked into 'Wake Up' hostel, a very clean, trendy, city hostel with its own bouncers. A really nice hostel, but a hostel where condoms are given out along side our room key just puts me off a little. We dragged our post christmas sleepy selves down to the bar for a glass of their promoted 'free champagne' with a live band. It turns out it was unlimited free champagne.  7 champagnes later and the bar turned into a club and Hannah joined the live band as vocalist! Brilliant night, it's always the spontaneous ones that end up the best.

The next morning was far from brilliant, 5 hung over girls, 5 backpacks and another 7 bags,  and a couple of completely full buses... if the light at the end of the tunnel hadn't been Bondi Beach I would have sacked it all off! They say it's all about location, and I say the are completely right. Our week on Bondi beach has been fabulous, Me, Laura, Clare, Ray, Hannah and Becky Smart! Of course with 6 peoples luggage, not much of the interior of the house could be seen at any one point. I love Bondi, a busy town full of bars, shops and markets cradling a beach that improves your day simply by standing and looking at it. What a little treasure. 

Quote of the week- Becky  went to the shop and was also grabbing some biscuits and snacks for Hannah so rang her when she got there. Becky calls Hannah and simply says 'I'm infront of the biscuits!' Only to realise it was instead another Hannah she barely knows. God knows what she though, but she hung up probably thinking it was some dodgy dealings. 

New Years was a memorable day. 14 hours in a park reserving our view of the harbour bridge was spent trying to avoid the I tense sun, playing cards, drinking goon. The fireworks were amazing. I wish the were more events like New Year in Sydney that bring 5000 people and 1000 blankets together in one park for a day of carefree silliness. This blog seems to have involved a lot of pointless statistics. 8 in fact. 

The change in year doesn't mean anything much to me, as long as it stays as happy, healthy and carefree as the rest of them. 

Cheeeers to you all! Xxx

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