Friday, 18 January 2013


Soundtrack: Ho hey- Lumineers

6th Jan

YES this place suits me. A street, tailored to fit me like a nice little dress. Glebe point road hosts a perfect combination of Parisian-style flats with balconies, book shops with wine courtyards at the back, markets and restaurants with front gardens. 
 We spent a good amount of time at Glebe Market on the Saturday morning, although the sun was too intense to be walking around in for too long...especially since loosing my hat on New Years Eve! Fried Brain! The rest of the day was spent walking through the botanical gardens, all 6 of us, and exploring the Sydney Opera house and Harbour Bridge. What a ' feel good' afternoon it was. The sky was deep blue without a cloud, there were live bands lining the streets, and the whole river embankment was bustling! Outdoor bars serving up ice buckets of champagne and Corona, a cruise ship ready to set sail, 
people in mexican hats; it was like London's South Bank on a Bank Holiday weekend and the hottest day of the year all at once. I love it when days just let off electric vibes.

It's been a lovely 4 days, despite being poorly for some off it ( most of it). MUST DRINK MORE WATER!

Next stop: Maze Hostel, Sydney Centre

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