Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Long way home

Written 6th March 2023
Soundtrack: Alt-j -Matilda

The date has arrived: March 6th. It's crazy how much your life can change in a day, to go from baking in the hot Melbourne sun, to arriving in white skyed London... 4°. Going home is so much more than just getting on a plane and seeing family again, it's the smell of England that once went unnoticed, the blue road signs, the familiar accents, the quaint pubs ( we do pubs best), the cups of tea and toast with lurpack, and adjusting to life without your trusty backpack. I'm excited about the simplest of things, like cardigan shopping, cuddling up with my cat, hugging mum, and being greeted by the neighbours. As you may tell I'm feeling quite nostalgic at the moment, with 14 hours thinking time before my next flight, to dwell on the amazing 5 months I just had, and how I may never be back to this country. But leaving somewhere is always difficult, and makes you think about your life and how, really, you can take it and live it anywhere in the world you wish. 

Highlights of Australia

Fraser Island, our 4 wheel drive family, card games at the campsite, white sands and blue waters. 
Magnums night club, Airlie beach
Whitsundays snorkelling, discovering a new world under sea level
Skydiving mission beach
End of the world party fun with Damien, Kelly and Pappinbarra locals
Christmas Eve BBQ and Christmas Day, sooo much cheeeeese!
Sydney- New Year's Eve all day in the park
Body boarding at Byron Bay
Australia Day, and stumbling into an Elvis gig
Melbourne city exploring; buskers, markets, street art and salsa
Climbing Kings Canyon, and Uluru
Sunset and sunrise in the Outback, with beer and champagne and new friends
Exploring the underground world of Cooper Pedi
Les Miserables at the moonlight cinema, Melbourne Botanical Gardens. 

Now I'm ready to go home, I just wish Clare, Laura, Hannah and Ray were coming with me!

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang 

Goodbye Australia. You did me proud

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