Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Flying High

June 12th 2014

Well crying at the wonderfully majestic conclusion of in-flight movie Frozen was not my proudest moment. New goal: to find a gay best friend snowman.

A lot of things have changed since the last time i wrote, I'd say I've skipped about 10 chapters. This year I've completely got to know who I am and its a kind of high I didn't think possible. Life has changed, A LOT, a new kind of wonderful. Letting your self do things or admit thing that seem daunting seems to release a new compartment of soul...too deep? Theres not such thing anymore. Ive learnt opening up, letting your guard down, letting people know the real you is so liberating and brings you closer to every person you open up to.

Im sitting on a plane, somewhere over the Atlantic, window seat, reflecting on leaving Leeds behind. I was pretty chocked leaving this time, but I need to remind myself of how lucky I am to have a life that makes leaving so damn difficult. Kitchen disco's, weekly gigs, friends I regard as soal mates, friends that in a life completely single I would still have everything I need. To me, humans are life. People are what influence ideas, who teach you who you are, who inspire you to do and who open up your eyes to new things. Its never been so evident as it has recently, just how much I live my life in possibilities, and run the opposite direction to anything or anyone that creates limitations.

America here I come.

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