Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Strangers to friends

Tuesday 17th june. Harrison, Maine

Wow days are so long here, i mean, they're filled with so many things, each day a saga, with internet and Facebook not playing any part. Freedom....real life. People are are slotting into roles, and bonds are forming. Last night we had a lecture on camp, a talk about all the directors, then watched the Fernwood Cove video...tears! We then had a talk about the 'Extraordinary World'. I love this bit, i love being there to go through it with the new people, watching their faces, predicting their thoughts. Some seemed over whelmed, like they had just joined a cult. It takes me to a new little world actually, its really feel good and refreshing. Doo good, work hard, feel good, make a difference to people's lives.

I had various meeting as I am head of studio arts! Then today has been lectures and team building exercises on the field. Serious name games, games where we had to make a machine out of our selves, we were a car wash.

I love this place.  EXHAUSTED... 22.25 pm....up at 7. Good night.

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